A major aspect of the Eklavya is health and hygiene. Every student is supposed to be fit and healthy. Personal hygiene is carried out and supervised by the Hostel Wardens as well as the Principal; a routine medical checkup is made by the qualified medical physician and is always available on call. However, parents are requested to ensure that their child has undergone all medical check-ups (especially specialist–oriented problems) as may be required, before each academic session.


A cleanliness inspection round in the mess, hostels and the academic block, is adhered by the Principal and “Cleanliness & Personal Hygiene Committee” constituted for the purpose, time to time and necessary measures are taken. More use of acid and phenyl with full care in the toilets is made. A weekly campus cleaning programme is continuous in practice.


Aims and Objective:


  • Inspection and Monitoring of the cleanliness part of Hostels, Academic Block, Dining Hall, etc of the campus & its surrounding areas.
  • To develop the habits among the children to keep their surrounding neat & Clean.
  • To have a regular check on the Health and Hygiene of the students.
  • Regular testing and checking of the quality of raw material, prepared food etc.
  • To develop the good manners and habits among students regarding regular washing and bathing etc.
  • To have the proper recording of the health reports of the students.
  • Incharge is responsible for the implementation of the commotion in a befitting manner.