Discipline & Anti- Ragging Rules

Notwithstanding anything said, conveyed, printed, published or implied anywhere else on any platform or stationary other than this prospectus, the rules contained below in this section shall prevail and shall be binding on all concerned. Every student would be deemed to have read and understood all the rules of this section.


These rules shall be termed as ‘EMRS Discipline & Anti- Ragging Rules’. These rules shall be applicable on all students. Disregard to obey these rules shall invite severe punishment/ legal action against the offenders.


All powers relating to discipline and disciplinary actions are vested in the Principal, Eklavya Model Residential School, who has the final authority. The Principal may delegate all such powers as he deems apposite to the School Discipline Committee of the EMRS.

Eklavya Model Residential School, Nichar, District Kinnaur (HP) believes in a reformative approach to deal with the students.


Anti–Ragging Rules are meant to curb the problem of ragging and the rules given below conform to the stipulations / instructions received from the Hon’ble Supreme Court / Central and State Govts. from time to time.


The students are expected to maintain a high level of discipline and follow Institute rules strictly. School Discipline & Anti-Ragging Committee and Hostel Wardens shall deal with all matters connected with discipline of the students and the Principal shall be the final authority to award any punishment, including expulsion from the Institute.


Following are deemed as acts of indiscipline;


Acts of Indiscipline:

  • Only the result of the Entrance-Test shall not entitle student to get admission. If it is found at any stage, that the candidate has furnished any false or incorrect information in the application form or at the time of counseling/ admission, his/her candidature will be summarily cancelled.
  • Without prejudice to the generality of power to enforce discipline, the following shall amount to indiscipline and misconduct:
  1. a) Any physical assault or even threat to use physical force against any other student or any other officer/member of the Institute (both teaching and non-teaching) within or outside the Institute’s premises.
  2. b) Violation of the status, dignity and honor of students.
  3. c) Any violation of the provision of the Civil Rights Protection Act, 1976.
  4. d) Any gesture, posture or verbal remark, which is otherwise derogatory to girls/ women.
  5. e) Willful destruction or damage to or defacing of Institute property or causing any disruption in any manner to the normal functioning of the Institute.
  6. f) Creating ill-will or intolerance on religious, political or communal grounds.
  7. g) Smoking, use of prohibited drugs is strictly prohibited inside the Institute’s campus and hostels. The names of students found indulging in such acts would be immediately struck off from the rolls of the Institute.


  • Disregard of rules /orders/ instructions and of notice of Institute’s authorities.
  • At the time of admission, every student shall be required to sign a declaration that on admission he/she submits himself/herself to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Principal and other authorities of the Institute who may be vested with the authority to exercise discipline under the rules and regulations framed by the Institute. All the boys and girls are expected to follow the following rules and regulations (Subject to change by Institute Authorities).
  • Immediately after admission, every student submits himself / herself to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Management of the Institute which may vest this authority to one or more of its officers to exercise discipline under EMRS Rules and Regulations that have been or would be framed by the Institute from time to time for proper and effective disciplinary control.
  • It would also be mandatory for students to take part in “Sports Hour” and all the extracurricular activities of the Institute.
  • The progress of the students will be communicated to their parents/ guardians regularly by the media of their choice.
  • All students, while entering the Institute, should carry their Identity Cards issued by the Institute on person while in the Institute/campus.
  • Any misconduct or misbehavior in the Institute/Hostel campus or outside shall be viewed seriously and liable to be penalized according to institute rules and regulations.
  • The students are not allowed to loiter about without purpose in the Institution premises. They are advised to avail the library and Computer lab facility during their free time.
  • If students lose or do any type of damage / damages to any library book/ books they must either arrange to replace it with new one at their own cost within one month of such a loss or pay double the price of the book.
  • Students will have to pay for all damages caused by them to the books, instruments equipments, or any other Institution Property.
  • Students are advised to maintain the decorum of the Institution in the real spirit.
  • Students are not allowed to use the Institute/Office telephone for private use.
  • As per the directive of Honorable Supreme Court of India, Ragging of junior students by senior students is strictly prohibited within and out of the premises of the Institute. A healthy relationship is desirable among the students.
  • Ragging for the purpose of rules means any act, conduct or practice brought by dominant or senior students on fresher or junior students with or without use of physical force or assault or threat of force, any act of ridicule violating the status, dignity or honor of any other student or any acts of obscenity or verbal abuse and words or malice towards other students.
  • Participation in any political movement, group or any other organization and formation of student’s union would be considered very seriously and disciplinary action would be taken. However, institute would promote the welfare of the students by means suggested by the management from time to time.
  • Students indulging in any anti-social activity would be expelled from the hostel/ institute immediately.
  • Parents / Guardians are requested to be in touch with Institute so that they can be informed regarding performance of their ward in the class and other exams.
  • Prior permission is necessary for leave. If a student remains absent for more than 10 continuous days without information, he/she will be terminated from the Institute.
  • Without prejudice to the generality of his powers relating to the maintenance of discipline and taking such actions in the interest as he may deem fit, the Principal may, in the exercise of his powers aforesaid order to or direct to be ordered;
  1. a) That any student or students be expelled from the Institution.
  2. b) Any student or students be, for a stated period, rusticated or
  3. c) Not allowed to attend a class or classes of study in the Institute for a stated period.
  4. d) Be fined by a specific amount.
  5. e) Be debarred from taking the CBSE examination or internal Exams.
  • Noisy, boisterous, disorderly or obnoxious behaviour.
  • Irregular attendance and unauthorized absence from classes.
  • Persistent negligence of studies.
  • Using any kind of unfair means in class test and sessional or final or any kind of examination or copying of tutorials and home assignments.
  • Chewing tobacco in any form, smoking inside or outside the premises of the school or hostel.
  • Consumption of intoxicating drugs, liquor, alcohol and prohibited drinks or intoxicants or such like substances.
  • Failure to report cases of indiscipline to the Hostel Warden or School authorities.
  • Disrespect towards any religion, caste, culture & community.
  • Indecent behaviour towards any girls by way of gestures, comments or physical advancement, whether inside the Institute, hostel or outside.
  • Disorderly behaviour inside the premises or outside in society bringing disrepute to the School in any manner.
  • Association or involvement in any anti-social activities.
  • Failure to adhere to “Dress Code” of the School.
  • Spoiling School’s property, equipment, tools; books reading material or tempering with the operational procedure of the Institute.
  • Defacing library books or journals or any literature connected with academics of the Institute.
  • Tampering with any safety norms, equipment, building or property of the School.
  • Failure to comply with instructions issued through a notice to submit information asked for by the School Administration/ Office.
  • Acts subversive of discipline and behaviour inside the Institute or the public life.
  • Meetings of any kind shall not be convened and no person shall be invited to address any meeting in the School or hostel premises without the permission of the Principal. This is true for the faculty and staff also.
  • Students shall observe all safety precautions. The School will not be responsible for accident of any nature in the Institute, hostel and playground or in campus and in its vicinity.
  • Infringement of any order by any member of the School shall also constitute as an act of indiscipline.
  • Showing disrespect towards National Flag of the Country or National Anthem, in any manner.
  • Matter not covered by the above rules will fall entirely within the absolute discretion of the Principal of the EMRS only.
  • Ruling by the Honorable Supreme Court of India would remain Guidelines in Anti-Ragging cases.
  • All disputes subject to jurisdiction of the District Magistrate, Kinnaur Court only.

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