Eco-Nature Green Club

For a meaningful learning, a good environment is very important. It is the green and beautiful environment which brings charm, pleasure and beauty in the mind of all the people. These are the keys, for the proper assimilation of every educational activity into meaningful and life enriching one. A part from making the minds receptive towards the learning, this program has other added educational benefits as well:


Aims & Objectives:

  • To create awareness regarding Ecosystem & Its importance.
  • To frame a club of students for motivating the others.
  • Motivation & guidance to the students to plant more and more trees & learn more & more about its importance.
  • Students should be guided about the Slogan Green Planet.
  • To conduct activities/ competitions to create the interest in the students for their Planet.
  • It maintains the students physically fit to carry out their regular tasks.
  • It helps in promoting the dignity of labour among the students.
  • It promotes friendship, understanding, team work, builds confidence and so on.
  • Develops skills related to farming which might help them to take up farming as their career.
  • It helps them to derive great satisfaction by engaging productively as and when they are free.
  • It also gives them an opportunity to learn the names of different flowering and non-flowering plants and their significance in the world at large. Above all, a clean and serene environment is the source of inspiration, appreciation peace, happiness and unity for all the mankind.


To realize the above – stated significance truly shared by all of us, a systematic plan of action is adopted with due consideration and utmost expectation. Each House is given an appropriate area with the provision to carry out site development work as well. The School provides support both financially and materially which helps our students significantly. With the monthly evaluation being conducted, based on proper criteria, we could see consistent and strenuous efforts from both the House teachers and the students.

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