As Principal of Eklavya Model Residential School, I am pleased to welcome you to our home. Eklavya Model Residential School is a premier, student-centric academic institution that offers a rewarding educational experience to all who choose to focus on excellence. At once youthful and distinguished, Eklavya Model Residential School is an academic community that enriches, and is in turn enriched by providing a unique and supportive environment in which to learn and grow.

The educational process here is not confined to classrooms and laboratories, and flows seamlessly wherever faculty and students come together. The student-faculty interface enhances an atmosphere that is intellectually stimulating, leading to a thriving academic temper. Our ongoing goal is to nurture individual accomplishments while creating a united, vibrant community that advances knowledge, pursues intellectual achievement, and addresses social challenges.

Our faculty, staff and the stake holders – the students – come together to form a true community of scholars dedicated to growth and development with a passionate focus on student accomplishment, while yet being firmly committed to upholding freedom of speech and open discourse. The campus promotes a marketplace of ideas and an atmosphere of civility and respect.

The School is committed to promoting a welcome and inclusive climate on campus, where the students are encouraged to mature into capable, dedicated and articulate individuals who are interested in further developing their scholastic skills and competencies.

The faculty members exemplify the integrated role of teacher/parent, enabling students to learn through both interaction and participation and this pedagogical approach allows students to apply classroom learning to real-world challenges.

The vision for Eklavya Model Residential School is to create an exceptional learning environment, a place offering a range of possibilities, and a destination for the very best. Critical to our vision are students, faculty and staff who represent a broad diversity of thought, background, ethnicity, and perspective and who find inspiration through their interactions with each other.

Little Young Aspirants!! We encourage you to schedule a visit and see for yourself why Eklavya Model Residential School is the right choice for you. We would be glad to have you with us on campus, as also the intellectual and creative energy you bring with you.

(Vipan K. Sharma)