The residential schools have always played a very impressive and remarkable role in shaping or determining the personality of the child and to keep all the students of the campus intact and provide a systematic guidance, to develop the feeling of oneness, to ensure and infuse confidence among the boarders. The house system prevails in EMRS too.  Around 70 students coming from different social background having dissimilar interest and attitude in different age groups are staying in one House under the supervision of one House Master and one Associate House Master.  Apart from the common activities, each House plans its own calendar of activities with competitive spirit.


The job of the House Masters is to supervise the House in every respect such as-

  • The maintenance of their House. It is the responsibility of the House Master to check that all the lights are functional.
  • Toilets and bathrooms are properly cleaned.
  • There are no loose wiring or broken doors and windows.
  • Shabby wet cloths hanging inside the Houses should be avoided.
  • Pictures and posters are pasted on the walls. This practice should be discouraged.
  • De-shelved beds are left before the children go for school & unarranged articles inside the dormitory are also taken care of. This requires silent and polite guidance to do all these things nicely.
  • To develop aesthetic sense among the children by keeping their House beautifully maintained which includes internal cleanliness and external gardening etc.
  • Preparing the children for inter house competition in games, sports and arts etc.
  • The House Masters are expected to plan sometimes with the students in the evening hour some enjoyable activities. During their visit they should know about them and their problems. Try to solve their problems if possible or inform the Principal as per procedure through register or in writing. The personal file for each child should be maintained in the House wherein his activities, leave applications, health record etc should be recorded.


Eklavya Model Residential School is comprised of 3 well – equipped Houses in the form of dormitories for students (Boys & Girls) inhabitant. These three Houses are as under:


1. Mars House      2.Venus House          3. Jupiter House

Besides, a House Master who is assisted by a House Captain and Associate House Captain, a House Prefect and an Assistant Perfect, thus forms a complete structural team, that manages each house.