Literature Club

The Literature Club is an official club of the EMRS Students and student run. We discuss great works of literature, both old and new, share our favorites, and learn from each other. The Literature Club is a great place to drink deeply from the Well of Knowledge, discover great works of literature, discuss personal favorites, actively engage in enriching service opportunities, and be a part of making the world a more literate environment.


Aims & Objectives:

  • To motivate & prepare all the students for participation in the literary activities to be conducted in the school or outside.
  • To plan the strategies – how to create the interest in students for reading healthy literature & develop taste for reading.
  • To have a check upon the literature available in the library.
  • To enlist the requisite literary material to be availed in the library.
  • Efforts to plan how to improve the communication skills of the students by exploiting their literary skills positively.
  • To keep the records of all the planning & efforts made to achieve the literary goals and enable the students to feel comfortable with the language and literature.

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