Morning Assembly Club

Morning assembly before the start of the school is first important activity in shaping the environment of the day.  The turnout of the students is ensured to be very smart.  The uniform is neat and clean and well ironed.  The Physical Teacher, House on Duty House Masters & House Perfects ensures that all the activities are performed within the time limit.  It is made certain that the assembly should not exceed beyond the limited time.  If long speeches are delivered as a matter of practice each day in School Assembly, it creates dullness among the students and spoils the freshness by being standing for longer time.  If the guest speaker is invited, the students are asked to sit down comfortably as a disciplined audience.


Aims & Objective:

  • To assign the duties to the House on duty for the morning assembly.
  • To make the co-ordination between the Girls & Boys (House-wise) for duties.

To check their preparation for the morning assembly