Discipline of the school is the one of the yard stick to assess the school performance. Discipline helps in creating conducive learning atmosphere. As such, it is important to have proper and systematic discipline policy in the school. The policy is also designed to promote fairness in taking disciplinary action.


Besides, the School Discipline Committee also ensures the safety and security of the students. It keeps a sharp vigil upon the safety & security of all the students in the campus. The Committee also looks and arranges for all the possible measures for the safety & security of all the students. The members of the said Committee make the students feel comfortable with the vicinity and School campus. It tries its best to provide them homely atmosphere in the campus.


Functions ……

  • Handling all disciplinary matters within the framework of Education Policy and Discipline Policy designed by the school.
  • Assessing school discipline status and making recommendation for promoting good discipline status.
  • Calling the defaulters and advising for improvement.
  • Making contact with the parents of the defaulters.
  • Keeping the Principal informed about the decision taken against any defaulters.
  • Keep records of all disciplinary matters.
  • To work for smooth Functioning of School.
  • To develop the Etiquettes and self Discipline among the students.
  • To maintain and monitor overall Discipline in School.
  • Formation of Anti-Ragging Squads with consultation of the Principal.
  • To conduct the Regular meetings of the said Committee.
  • Incharge is solely responsible for the implementation of the activity/ programme in a befitting manner. Documentation is retained by the Incharge.


  • The Committee follows and obeys the verdict of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in this regard.