School Mess Management Committee of the institution is created with a vision of incorporating the views and ideas of the students in their daily affairs. The committee acts a channel for smooth exchange of views between the administration and the students. It is a student led association comprising both the boys and girls who strive hard to make hostel stay a lifetime and joyous experience in a residential school.


The entire cooking facilities are automated thereby allowing for maximum hygiene control. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are provided. It is ensured that the diet is wholesome, nutritious and well-balanced. For those requiring a specific temporary diet for medical, reasons, this is also arranged.


The school mess is managed by a committee, the head of which is the Principal, one teacher as the In-charge, four teachers, mess staff as members and two students as secretary. This committee observes that the lack of cooking staff doesn’t create any problem in smooth functioning of the mess. The quality of food has improved quite a lot. Efforts are made even to go higher than that and to utilize all the measures available and to ensure improvement in the standards of the mess.


Mess is the key area where maximum alertness is required and it is the root of all the problems if it is not properly handled.  It is understood that there are several constraints everywhere on one or the other issue but there will be no compromise in this area because it is directly related to the normal functioning of the institution. Mess committee visits in the kitchen and check the cooking, making and serving the whole process. Pure and germs free water is provided to the students.  In this connection the following points are strictly observed;


  • Health is wealth. So provision of the Balanced Diet to the students but within the budget provided by the EMRS.
  • Transparency in the functioning of the Mess. Qualitative preparation of the food in view of the taste of the students.
  • Regular monthly Mess meetings for deciding the Menu.
  • Monitoring the Cleanliness and Hygienic Conditions in the Mess.
  • Pre–Planning for the procurement of Grocery, Vegetables, Fruits, LPG and other requirements etc. in the Mess.
  • Inculcating the Table manners and etiquettes amongst the students.
  • Developing behavioral objectives in the students.