School Technical Committee deals with various activities of maintenance and improvement of hostel and school amenities. It helps in following up the various hostel complaints regarding various issues related to hostels and ensures that complaints are properly addressed and resolved. In addition to this, the committee also keeps a check on hostel environment and conducts various checks like electrical faults, drinking water pipelines, regular room cleaning, pest control, cleaning of water tanks etc.


Aims & Objective:

  • To keep a check upon the School property.
  • To identify the requisite M & R works & arrange the needful for the proper maintenance.
  • To be vigilant in any damage occurred or caused to the school property.
  • To guide the students about the maintenance of the school infrastructure.
  • To keep proper record & reports of the works.
  • Incharge is fully responsible and authorised to carry out the required maintenance works well in time to avoid inconvenience in a befitting manner. Record is to be maintained by the in charge.