The well being of the students is the well being of the school. Therefore the Student Support Service is considered an important element of the school programme in supporting student learning. This programme is particularly important for the physical, mental and spiritual growth of the students.


The school has developed specific policies that have provision for a safe, physical and emotional environment that takes care of – enrolment scheme, health risk, first aid service, career information and guidance, discipline procedures, counseling services, a safe, clean and pleasant physical environment, remedial classes for slow learners, regular monitored self study hours and identification of learning barriers by individual teachers.


Following Student Support Services are provided by the school to fulfill the above policy:


  • School provides free meals to all the boarder students as per the government policy. The School Administration and Mess Management Committee ensures and evaluates the quality of the food served, cleanliness of the utensils, cooks, water used for drinking, and the kitchen. This ensures good quality and tasty meals. Further the school provides boiled water 24 hours.
  • To treat students with small ailments and give the First aids, the school has the Wardens as Health in-charges helped by two health captains, a boy and a girl. In times of emergencies the school acts immediately to reach the patient in time. Further if needed, the school hires a private vehicle for reaching the patient to hospital.
  • The school offers reading facilities in the hostels.
  • Every day students have self studies for three hours (1 hour in the morning, 1 in the evening and 1 at night) which are monitored by teachers.
  • Reading for 1.30 hours is kept on Sundays.
  • The counselors are also there to help the students whenever they need them. A counseling unit is set for this purpose.