• To provide Quality Modern Education to the students and make learning joyful experience with application.
  • To provide a stress free environment.
  • To enhance the capability of the subject teachers through applications of technology in Academic Instructions – Learning by Doing.
  • Utilizing Computers in day to day activities including academic instructions and more in application.
  • Nurture the talents of students in respect of games, sports and fine arts and to provide opportunity to exhibit their talent.
  • To adopt scholastic approach in all parameters.
  • To provide good ambience and humanitarian environment to students.
  • To Establish and Maintain proper discipline in the school through transparency in administration.
  • To provide general awareness for the protection of environment, health and hygienic conditions.
  • To be sensitive towards need based problems and finding out solutions.
  • To develop abilities in students to apply the knowledge for concept formation and application in day to day life.
  • To provide required skills to students enter life in a big way.


  • Eklavya Model Residential School is an institution with a mission and philosophy. This is founded on the belief that education is intrinsic to human development. Fostering excellence with equity are the precepts through which Eklavya School seek to fulfill a major objective of Independent India: Education on an equal footing to those denied access to quality education: girls, children of ST communities and rural children.
  • Rural education is sought to be brought to the forefront in Eklavya School. Setting and sharing the pace and goal of excellence in school education in the district, is among the important objectives of EMRS.
  • Development of leadership qualities, personality development, promotion of team spirit, understanding and appreciation of India’s composite culture and heritage, adventure, sports activities and computer education are sought to be fully integrated into the calendar of school activities so that the objective of excellence with equity is achieved.