During the Ninth Five-Year Plan, the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India sanctioned its approval to establish 100 Eklavya Model Residential Schools in the Tribal Areas of the country. Eklavya Model Residential School Nichar District Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh is one of them.

Set in the foothills of Great Himalayan Mountains and at the altitude of 7,500 feet, Nichar is one of the most charming hill resorts in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. Eklavya Model Residential School, Nichar, originally, was made functional in April 2005, is a co-educational institution where young minds flourish. Eklavya Model Residential School, Nichar is located nearby village Kaspo, Tehsil Nichar, District Kinnaur of Himachal Pradesh. The District headquarter Reckong Peo is about 70 kilometers from EMRS Nichar. Nichar is connected frequently with Road. It is 20 kilometers from Bhavanagar and 200 kilometers by road from Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh.

The climate of Nichar is pleasant and moderate in summer due to its 7500 ft. height from sea level and being situated in forest area. Its annual rainfall is about 250 cms. The people of Nichar are very simple and they can usually be seen in cultivation, horticulture and grazing the cattle.

The possibilities of development in Nichar are based on its natural beauty – like, dense evergreen deodar forest and beautiful picturesque. Tourism can be developed in this area. Nichar is better known for its beautiful handicrafts. It is also known for highly production of Royal and Golden apple orchards. Buddhism & Hinduism temples are common pilgrim places such as Maheshwar Dev temple at Sungra & Mata Usha Deviji temple at Nichar.